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06:22 am 02/28/2015
Residential Services
UTILITIES:  Harrison Water & Sewer   (870) 741-2525  114 S Spring St  Entergy   (800) 368-3749  Inland Waste Services   (870) 204-6690  ...see their face...
Trolley Schedule
NATSNorth Arkansas Transportation Servicea division of theNorthwest Arkansas Economic Development District (double-click image to enlarge) For the Trolley schedule double-click on image below to enlarge.  Or call:  870-741-8008  ...
Local Community Resources
Boone County Resources CouncilP O Box 42Harrison, AR  72602-0042 For a complete directory of all services in this area, including assistance programs, click on the following links:  Boone County Resource Council Service Directory Boone C...
Trash Services
           Because winter is near, please be aware of Inland's policy on inclement weather pick-ups of trash:   Inland Waste Sanitation Services  Starting January 1, 2013, Inland Service will ...
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