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04:26 pm 11/30/2015
Residential Services
  UTILITIES:  Harrison Water & Sewer   (870) 741-2525  114 S Spring St  Entergy   (800) 368-3749  Inland Waste Services   (870) 204-6690  ...see thei...
Trolley Schedule
NATSNorth Arkansas Transportation Servicea division of theNorthwest Arkansas Economic Development District (double-click image to enlarge) For the Trolley schedule double-click on image below to enlarge.  Or call:  870-741-8008  ...
Local Community Resources
Boone County Resources CouncilP O Box 42Harrison, AR  72602-0042 For a complete directory of all services in this area, including assistance programs, click on the following link:  Boone County Resource Council Service  ...or see t...
Trash Services
Inland Services will not operate on Thanksgiving Day, however they will be picking up Thursdays trash on Friday, and Friday's trash on Saturday.     ***     Inland Waste Sanitation Services  Starti...
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