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Commissioners approved several developments

Posted Date: 06/25/2024

Commissioners approved several developments

The Planning Commission met for their monthly meeting at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25. Commissioners Pat Brown and Cloyd Baltimore were absent, but a quorum was present.

A public hearing was held first on the variance request to reduce the north property line building setback from 10 feet to 8 feet 10 inches at 124 S Cherry St. (Lot 9, Block 62 of the original town of Harrison.) Boone County Heritage had made the request to allow the construction of the American Freightways Museum which will be an annex of the Boone County Heritage Museum.

There was no one against the proposal. The public hearing was closed.

Vice chairman Drew Vining, acting as chairman for Brown called the planning commission to order, and a quorum was present.

Under new business, the property at 124 S. Cherry St. was discussed. Applicant representative Ken Reeves said a group would love to create an American Freightways Museum annex to the Boone County Heritage Museum.

“We have some Arkansas Freightways, American Freightways, and FedEx memorabilia, with no place for it to go — the first Road Tractor, known as R-1 has been restored. The museum directors favor this as long as we include enough space for a cason they have been promised to receive. I’m not sure what that is, but that’s fine with us. This road tractor is an interesting piece of Harrison history, and when I left FedEx ten years ago, they had a local payroll of $73 million, and I can only assume it has increased.”

The commission approved the variance request. Reeves thanked them and added, “Now let’s see if we can raise some money.”

Harrison Animal Clinic submitted an application to increase the building at 2371 AR Highway 397 by 3,600 square feet. Dr, Heath Jones is the owner, and the representative was Josh Thomason with Butch May Contracting.

Harrison City Engineer Wade Phillips said they had their paperwork and plans in order, and there were no objections. “It’s a simple addition to rearrange the small animal clinic entrance. There are plans for stormwater detention. A portion of the existing gravel parking lot will be paved under the current plans.

The next item of business was the proposal of a new commercial shopping center at 1828 Rock Springs Road. The developer is Roger Turner, and the large-scale development under consideration is a 12,000-square-foot shopping center.

Phillips said, “The proposed use of retail shopping center is a use permitted by right in C-3 zoning districts. Individual unit uses will be subject to zoning code and need to be evaluated.”

A final plat for a commercial subdivision was considered.  The parcel being subdivided is bounded by Industrial Park Road, Rock Springs Road, Speer Drive, and Forward Drive. The applicant is splitting the parcel for sale as commercial lots. Drainage and stormwater detention will be addressed as individual lots develop. The property is served by existing water and sewer lines however some extension will be necessary as individual lots develop.

Phillips mentioned that the property has a FEMA-mapped special flood hazard; all future development will be subject to NFIP and local flood control ordinance requirements.

The meeting adjourned at 1:21 p.m.