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City-Wide Leaf Pickup

Posted Date: 11/15/2021

City-Wide Leaf Pickup 

The Annual 

The City crews will begin picking up leaves on November 29th. Here is the schedule by ward:

Ward 2 - November 29th to December 3rd 
Ward 3 - December 6th to December 10th 
Ward 1 - December 13th to December 17th 
Ward 4 - December 20th to December 23th 

*PLEASE remember to rake the leaves near the curb, but keep the leaves OFF the street. They are dangerous to motorist, especially motorcycles. And are not good in our drain system.

If you're not sure what Ward you are in, you can call the Public Works Department (870)741-3434, the Mayor’s Office (870) 741-2777), or look up your voter registration information at the following link:…/  The "Precinct Code" will tell you what Ward you are in.

If you have bagged leaves (no plastic bags) that you should like picked up, set them curbside and call 870-741-3434 for them to be picked up (Thursdays and Fridays only).  Bagged leaves can also be dropped off at Orion Waste Services at 805 cottonwood Rd.

**Watch the City of Harrison Facebook page to keep up with any delays due to weather, etc.  We cannot collect leaves if there is heavy rain or snow and ice.