City Departments


Police Department

                                                  The Harrison Police Department is located at 116 S. Spring Street and has 41 full time employees and 1 part time employee that faithfully assists the citizens in our community.  Employees included in the Police Department are Patrol Officers, Detectives,  School Resource Officers, Dispatchers, Clerks, and Animal Control Officers.  Police Department employees are devoted to serving the citizens of Harrison with integrity and professionalism.

The Harrison Police Department strives to maintain the highest quality of service to all that reside within or visit our community, please feel free to contact the Chief of Police or any of the Command Staff listed on this web page for assistance. 

Physical location:  116 S. Spring, Harrison, AR  72601
Mailing address:  P O Box 1715, Harrison, AR  72602
Phone:  870-741-5463
  Police Chief Paul Woodruff

Paul Woodruff, Chief of Police
Telephone: (870) 741-5463
E-Mail: pwoodruff@harrisonpd.org

John Cagle, Assistant Chief of Police
Telephone: (870) 741-5463
E-Mail: jcagle@harrisonpd.org

Shane Reece, Captain, Detective Division Commander
Telephone: (870) 741-5463
E-Mail: sreece@harrisonpd.org

Clint Toliver, Lieutenant, Patrol Division Commander
Telephone:  (870) 741-5463


SRO Program
School Resource Officers contribute to the school communities by their daily presence on the school grounds and their participation in the activities of the students. School Resource Officers act as mentors and leaders to the youth of the City of Harrison.   ANIMAL CONTROL The Animal Control Division of the Harrison Police Department has one full-time officer.  If your pet has been picked up by Animal Control, you may inquire on how to claim it by calling Dispatch at (870) 741-5463.  If you find an animal loose, you should report it to the Animal Control Division via Dispatch, also.   To locate animals that need a good home, see www.OzarkHumaneSociety.com.    
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Acct/Finan & Water Billing

Accounting/Finance & Water Billing Dept

Accounting and Finance provides financial reports and analysis to the Mayor, City Council, City Departments, and the public and maintains accounting records in accordance with state guidelines set for municipal governments.  This department is also responsible for preparing and monitoring the City's Annual budget and preparing the annual updates to the Mayor and the City Council to ensure that funds are expended as appropriated.  The division also provides a system for processing deposits; payments for City obligations; collection of water bills; processing payroll; maintaining records or wages and with holdings; reporting payroll information to other governments; and over seeing the annual audit.

Luke Feighert, Finance Director

Phone:  870-741-2655 ext 258
Fax:  870-741-6254

Email:  financedirector@cityofharrison.com

Physical Address:  114 S Spring St
Mailing Address:  P O Box 1715
Harrison, AR  72602

Water Dept
Hours of Operations:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

There is a drive through for paying water bills, and a drop box for after hours (in employee parking lot).

Water bills are due by the 15th of every month. 
Any past due balances are subject to disconnection after this date. 
If paid on-line on our website (www.cityofharrison.com),
it takes 3 business days for funds to arrive in this office.

Tash Brisco    870-741-2525  Ext 271         finance2@cityofharrison.com
Prepares Reports on Fireman and Police Pensions; APERS & LOPFI Retirements; Health Insurance; Police Pension fund; Write Pension Checks; Sales Tax Reporting; Vehicle Insurance; Property Insurance; All Payroll Reports;  Process employee Direct Deposits; keep track of City Purchasing Cards; Cemetery Investments; & Infrastructures Requisitions

Beth Schaeffer    870-741-2525  Ext 262     finance@cityofharrison.com
Prepares monthly reports on Fixed Assets,   and changes in trash service; out-of-city fire protection billing; receives mail-in water payments; Handles Disconnects List and On-line Water Payments, Post Bank Drafts and Water Payments; Post Bank Drafts and Water Payments; W9's; Deposits; Tracing of Water Deposits; Keep Track of City Purchasing Cards and Col-lateralization; Logs Meter Reader Books; Handles Bank Drafts; & 1099’s.

Accounts Receivable:
870-741-2525   Ext 260

Accounts Receivable; Receipts Monies; Keep Track of CD’s; Reconciles Bank Deposits For All Accounts; & Keys Journal Entries.              

Accounts Payable/Payroll:
Teresa Halsted      870-741-2525  Ext259
Accts Payable/Payroll; Receives and Enters Vendor Invoices; Payroll; Printing of Water Bills, Payroll & Vendor Checks; Past Due Notices; & Orders Forms.

Water Billing:
Tracy Honeycutt    870-741-2525   Ext 257    tracy.honeycutt@cityofharrison.com                   

Answer All Incoming Phone Calls; Accepts Water Payments and Service Orders; Verifies Past Dues; Collects Water Deposits; Issue Refunds; & Processes Batches.

Echo Turner    870-741-2525   Ext  256    

Answer All Incoming Phone Calls; Accepts Water Payments and Service Orders; Verifies Past Dues; Collects Water Deposits; Issue Refunds; & Processes Batches.

Request To Verify Connection To Public Sewer System Form

Parks & Rec Department

Chuck Eddington
Director of Parks and Recreation

302 S Spring
P O Box 1715
Harrison, AR 

City Pool   (870) 741-4412
Youth Center  (870) 741-2346


For more information see the Parks Dept website at www.harrisonparks.org.



Harrison Housing Authority

Harrison Housing 
  202 W Stephenson
(870) 741-8673


 Director of Harrison Housing Authority
Chonda Tapley


The Harrison Housing Authority is a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program that is available to participants in the city limits of Harrison, Arkansas and up to fifteen (15) miles beyond the city limits of Harrison.  We provide rental assistance for low-income families and individuals in privately owned, existing affordable clean, decent and safe units.  HHA pays the rent subsidy directly to the owner or property manager of the rental unit with funds provided by the Housing and Urban Rural Development.

To access  more information on Harrison Housing, visit http://arkansasharrisonhousing.org.

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City of Harrison Fire Dept Pics



Harrison Fire Dept





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Convention & Visitors Bureau

Harrison Convention & Visitors Bureau

200 W Stephenson St
Harrison, AR  72602
(870) 741-1789

Matt Bell
Executive Director 


For other events locally(updated bi-weekly): 

For great things to do while you are in the Harrison area, see our CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) Tourism and Recreational website:   http://www.harrisonarkansas.org.

The (CVB) Convention and Visitor's Bureau also has a facebook site that shows upcoming events as well.  Visit:  http://www.facebook.com/harrisoncvb?ref=stream.

A&P Tax (Hamburger Tax)
Hotels/Motels pay an additional 3%, and Restaurants pay an additional 1%.  These additional funds are to be paid to CATPC at 200 West Stephenson, Harrison, AR  72602.  There is a form to complete, so call to obtain more information.  Established per Ordinance #755  in 1997.  Call CATPC at  (870) 741-1789 for the forms or more information.

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Mayor's Office-(Admin)

The Administrative Department consists of the Mayor, his Administrative Assistant/Human Resource Director and the City Clerk

Hours of Operation
8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Dan Sherrell, Mayor:
   Duties include:  Presiding officer at City Council, works in conjunction with Council to enact legislation for city (taxes, alchohol, etc), public appearances, oversee the budget process, etc.

Christeen Waters, Mayor's Admin & HR Director:
   Duties include:  Assist Mayor, schedule appointments, mayoral correspondence, Council Agendas, Human Resources, Webmaster, alcohol licensing, employee drug testing, city cell phones, etc.

Jeff Pratt, City Clerk:  
   Duties include:  Council minutes, Controller for City records, records City ordinances, etc.


Code Enforce/Building Code Page

Public Works


The Public Works Director's responsibilities include coordinating the activies and supervising the operations of the Waste Water, Water, Street, Cemetery, Purchasing, Maintenance, Building & Grounds, Safety, and Code Enforcement departments.  

Public Works Director:  Wade Phillips
Assistant:  Ellen Hall

Physical Location:  303 N Third Street
 Mailing Address:  P O Box 1715, Harrison, AR  72602

Phone:  870-741-3434
Fax:  870-741-0318

Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Fluoride Policy

As of July 15, 2015, Carroll-Boone Water Systems has added fluoride to their water supply.  The City of Harrison purchases our water from Carroll-Boone.  See link for the Arkansas Department of Health's policy on fluoride in water systems.

Fluoridation Fact Sheet

Fluoride Update


2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report



 (2/8/16) Public Service Announcement: 
Lead In Drinking Water?

(Click on link above or on website:  www.cityofharrison.com for more information.)

But to highlight the main points:

Typically the primary source of lead in drinking water is corrosion of household plumbing, not your water source.  See Clean Water Act at http://www.epa.gov/dwstandardsregulations/section-1417-safe-drinking-water-act-prohibition-use-lead-pipes-solder-and

There is NOT a "Boil Order" for anyone on the Harrison Water source.  Boiling will not remove lead.

If you would like to test your household, a test can be obtained and sent to American Interplex at 501-224-5060.

For effects of lead, call AR Dept of Health at 800-235-0002 or see:  www.epa.gov/lead.

For more information, call the Water Construction Dept of Public Works at 741-6382.

Testing at both the customer tap and directly from the water system helps us determine the source of the elevated levels that we have seen.  Because no samples taken directly from the water system even approach the 15 ppb action level, a current belief is that the source of elevated lead levels found at some taps is pluming materials.

   One of the most important factors to consider with regard to lead in drinking water is the age of plumbing.  Homes and buildings built before 1986 that have not had plumbing updated are most at risk for elevated lead levels.  This is because lead solder was commonly used in plumbing prior to changes to the Clean Water Act in 1986.  The 1986 revisions also limited the amounted of lead in other plumbing materials as well (i.e. metal pipe, fixtures, etc.) but eliminating lead solder was by far the effective part of the revisions.

   Also, the links below are helpful resources regarding lead in drinking water and lead in general.  They provide information on how lead can enter drinking water and what consumers can do if they are concerned.





   Copies of the City’s 2013 and 2014 CCR’s (Consumer Confidence Reports) can be found at the following link:  http://www.cityofharrison.com/press_view.php?id=39

   We will be implementing a corrosion control treatment process later this year that will prevent lead from leaching into the water from plumbing materials (or really any other source that could be out there).  It is a fairly simple treatment that is used by water systems across the country and over 40 systems in Arkansas.

   As a side note (since these reports also include copper figures), all testing for copper shows water in the City’s pipes and at the customer taps to be in compliance with the Clean Water Act as well as the Lead & Copper Rule.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions or need additional information.


Building & Grounds:  Loyce Saling  
Phone:  870-741-6237


Code Enforcement: Jeremy Johnson (Spvr) 
Certified Flood Plain Manager
Phone:  870-741-5535     Fax:  870-741-0318
email:  jeremy.johnson@cityofharrison.com 
2007 Sub Division Regs  2007 Zoning Regs Residential Application Commercial Application Sign Ordinance Sign Application Zoning Map-2016


The City of Harrison has adopted the following codes:

2014 NEC 2012 IBC, IFC, IRC (Arkansas Fire Prevention Code) 2010 Arkansas Mechanical Code 2010 Arkansas Floodplain Code

             For more information see:  https://www.floodsmart.gov/floodsmart/

2010 ADA 2009 NFPA 101 2006 Arkansas Plumbing Code 2006 Arkansas Fuel Gas Code 2014 Municipal Code
                     Safety: Ralph Jones (Spvr)  
Phone:  870-741-5532
   Responsible for:  Traffic Lights, Clean Premises, Department Safety Procedures, Street Lights, CDL Compliance

Clean Premise Ordinance

Street Dept: Bryan Marshall (Spvr)   870-741-6138
   Bryan and his crew have the responsibility of maintaining the streets of Harrison.  This includes street repairs, paving, signs, pavement striping, snow removal, keeping alleys clear, upkeep and installing new drainage systems, limb and tree removal, and right-of-way mowing.

Waste Water Treatment Plant: Kathryn Catlin (System Mgr)
Phone:  870-741-5527

Assistant Plant Manager:  Michael Crow
michael.crow@cityofharrison.com   Phone:  870-743-6734

Waste Water Plant Laboratory Analyst:  Randy Reese
Phone:  870-741-5527

Industrial Pretreatment Dept Coordinator: Randy Reese
Phone:  870-741-4426

Waste Water Construction Dept Supervisor:  
Phone:  870-741-2528
Located at 1508 Silver Valley Road
Fax:  870-741-5022

The protection of both human and ecosystem health in the Northwest Arkansas region is vitally important. We strive to maintain our great quality of life by providing wastewater treatment services, which involves the removal of contaminants from industrial wastewater and residential sewage, for the citizens of Harrison and surrounding communities.

Our staff works hard to eliminate overflows and preventable odors at each plant and all lift stations. We would appreciate any resident who has concerns to please call 870-741-5527.

Will it Flush?  Watch this video: 


Water/Sewer Construction:   Phone:  870-741-6382
  Manager:  Charlie Jones  

Water Construction Foreman:  Andrew Milligan   Sewer Construction Foreman:  Nathan Mounce       ***

Request To Verify Connection to Public Sewer System Form


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Harrison Fire Department


    photo courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs 

Fire Department

The Harrison Fire Department has a class 3 insurance rating and is composed of 30 full time firefighters and 5 part-paid firefighters.  The firefighters work 24 hour shifts, (on 24 hours, off 48 hours), with the exception of the Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, and Public Safety Officer.  The stations are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

 photo courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs 

Shift A


photo courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs

Shift B

 photo courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs

Shift C

The Operations division of the Harrison Fire Department is divided in three shifts.  Each shift has a Battalion Chief, a Captain, two Lieutenants, and five Firefighters.

There are three fire stations in Harrison:  Station #1 is located at 120 South Spring (next to City Hall)  Station #2 is located on Industrial Park Road, and Station #3 is located on airport road at the intersection with Hester Drive.  Business  hours are from 8:00 a.m. thru 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.  Our business phone number is 741-6384.


  photo courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs

Asst. Chief Pace & Chief Holt

The Assistant Fire Chief is Darrell Pace, whose office is located at Fire Station #1, and can be reached at 870-741-6384 or by email at asstfirechief@cityofharrison.com.

 The Fire Chief for the Harrison Fire Department is Marvin Holt, whose office is located at Fire Station #1, and can be reached at 870-741-6384 or by email at fire@cityofharrison.com.


The Fire Prevention Division is headed by Inspector/Battalion Chief Clint Nichols, whose office is located in Fire Station #1.  The Ispector can be reached by calling 870-741-9042, or by email at clint.nichols@cityofharrison.com. Inspector Nichols is responsible for all fire prevention activities, and fire prevention inspections.

Asst. Inspector and Training Officer is Jeremy Sansing, is also located in Fire Station #1, and can be reached at 870-741-6384 or by email at fire.training@cityofharrison.com  Jeremy's duties include assisting the Inspector with fire prevention activities and inspections, and oversee training within the department.



Letter to Harrison's Businesses

The Harrison Fire Department will be coming to your business starting in 2017, all part of meeting ISO requirements. ISO stands for the Insurance Services Office, an organization that helps insurance providers determine the insurance rating on structures within a community. ISO auditors look at things like number of firefighters, fire station locations, fire hydrants, water system, and much more.

After the 2015 ISO audit it was discovered that although the fire department had completed pre-fire plans on many businesses in town, they now require every commercial property to be inspected and have pre-fire plan completed on a yearly basis.

Starting in 2017, the Harrison Firefighter’s will be making a greater effort to visit all of the businesses in the community. They will be looking for life safety hazards, pre-fire planning, and also checking for a current business license. The business license will be a crucial part of this process, because it will assist the firefighters with the locations and number of current businesses in town. If you have any questions regarding the business license process, please visit http://www.harrison-chamber.com, or call the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce at 870-741-2659.

The fire department encourages business owners to go to the City of Harrison website, http://www.cityofharrison.com, click on the link to the Fire Department page, and review the form that will be used for the inspections. This will help businesses to familiarize themselves with the process. If you have any questions regarding the inspection form, please call the Harrison Fire Department at 870-741-6384.

Furthermore, the Harrison Fire Dept. will be offering a voluntary home fire inspection to address things like smoke detectors, escape plans and kitchen fires. For more information on this call 870-204-5398

As always, the goal of the Harrison Fire Department is to save lives and protect property, but the Department also has an obligation to strive to follow ISO guidelines in order to keep insurance rates low for the Harrison Community.


The officials of the Harrison Fire Dept.



Outdoor burning is not allowed unless you have approval of the Harrison Fire Dept.  You can obtain a burning permit by going to your nearest fire station during business hours.  The weather conditions dictate whether or not we are issuing burning permits.  The only thing that you can burn inside the city is yard waste, limbs, leaves and grass clippings. 

Burn Permit   
Commercial Burn Permit
  ***    Building Safety
The Harrison Fire Department encourages everyone to look at the building in which they live, play and work in to make sure it is safe. To assist you in your inspection we have added safety checklists for your home or work. Simply click on the following link for the appropriate form:
  Residential Checklist                    Business Checklist  
Commercial Inspection Form
    Building & Fire Code Ordinance


For safety prevention tips, click on this link:  www.nfpa.org/education.
  *** To check on recalls of products, see: www.saferproducts.gov.

***   Visit our facebook page, for additional information: 
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harrison-Fire-Department/143178159088620      ***    

Hey, Kids...

Check out this cool website for fun facts, games, coloring and sticker sheets,  and more. 

There is also a section for parents to learn more about fire safety.  Ask them to visit this site with you and have fun learning all about fire safety.



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