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09:08 pm 04/20/2018
Harrison Fire Department


IMG_9380.JPG    photo courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs 

Fire Department

The Harrison Fire Department has a class 3 insurance rating and is composed of 30 full time firefighters and 5 part-paid firefighters.  The firefighters work 24 hour shifts, (on 24 hours, off 48 hours), with the exception of the Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, and Public Safety Officer.  The stations are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

 IMG_9403.JPGphoto courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs 

Shift A


photo courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs

Shift B

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Shift C

The Operations division of the Harrison Fire Department is divided in three shifts.  Each shift has a Battalion Chief, a Captain, two Lieutenants, and five Firefighters.

There are three fire stations in Harrison:  Station #1 is located at 120 South Spring (next to City Hall)  Station #2 is located on Industrial Park Road, and Station #3 is located on airport road at the intersection with Hester Drive.  Business  hours are from 8:00 a.m. thru 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.  Our business phone number is 741-6384.


  IMG_9422.JPGphoto courtesy of Harrison Junior High EAST- Kinder Hinrichs

Asst. Chief Pace & Chief Holt

The Assistant Fire Chief is Darrell Pace, whose office is located at Fire Station #1, and can be reached at 870-741-6384 or by email at

 The Fire Chief for the Harrison Fire Department is Marvin Holt, whose office is located at Fire Station #1, and can be reached at 870-741-6384 or by email at


The Fire Prevention Division is headed by Inspector/Battalion Chief Clint Nichols, whose office is located in Fire Station #1.  The Ispector can be reached by calling 870-741-9042, or by email at Inspector Nichols is responsible for all fire prevention activities, and fire prevention inspections.

Asst. Inspector and Training Officer is Jeremy Sansing, is also located in Fire Station #1, and can be reached at 870-741-6384 or by email at  Jeremy's duties include assisting the Inspector with fire prevention activities and inspections, and oversee training within the department.



Letter to Harrison's Businesses

The Harrison Fire Department will be coming to your business starting in 2017, all part of meeting ISO requirements. ISO stands for the Insurance Services Office, an organization that helps insurance providers determine the insurance rating on structures within a community. ISO auditors look at things like number of firefighters, fire station locations, fire hydrants, water system, and much more.

After the 2015 ISO audit it was discovered that although the fire department had completed pre-fire plans on many businesses in town, they now require every commercial property to be inspected and have pre-fire plan completed on a yearly basis.

Starting in 2017, the Harrison Firefighter’s will be making a greater effort to visit all of the businesses in the community. They will be looking for life safety hazards, pre-fire planning, and also checking for a current business license. The business license will be a crucial part of this process, because it will assist the firefighters with the locations and number of current businesses in town. If you have any questions regarding the business license process, please visit, or call the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce at 870-741-2659.

The fire department encourages business owners to go to the City of Harrison website,, click on the link to the Fire Department page, and review the form that will be used for the inspections. This will help businesses to familiarize themselves with the process. If you have any questions regarding the inspection form, please call the Harrison Fire Department at 870-741-6384.

Furthermore, the Harrison Fire Dept. will be offering a voluntary home fire inspection to address things like smoke detectors, escape plans and kitchen fires. For more information on this call 870-204-5398

As always, the goal of the Harrison Fire Department is to save lives and protect property, but the Department also has an obligation to strive to follow ISO guidelines in order to keep insurance rates low for the Harrison Community.


The officials of the Harrison Fire Dept.



Outdoor burning is not allowed unless you have approval of the Harrison Fire Dept.  You can obtain a burning permit by going to your nearest fire station during business hours.  The weather conditions dictate whether or not we are issuing burning permits.  The only thing that you can burn inside the city is yard waste, limbs, leaves and grass clippings. 

 Building Safety

The Harrison Fire Department encourages everyone to look at the building in which they live, play and work in to make sure it is safe. To assist you in your inspection we have added safety checklists for your home or work. Simply click on the following link for the appropriate form:
Residential Checklist                    Business Checklist

For safety prevention tips, click on this link:
To check on recalls of products, see:

Visit our facebook page, for additional information:

Hey, Kids...

Check out this cool website for fun facts, games, coloring and sticker sheets,  and more. 

There is also a section for parents to learn more about fire safety.  Ask them to visit this site with you and have fun learning all about fire safety.


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