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11:49 am 12/15/2017
Public Works


The Public Works Director's responsibilities include coordinating the activies and supervising the operations of the Waste Water, Water, Street, Cemetery, Purchasing, Maintenance, Building & Grounds, Safety, and Code Enforcement departments.  

Public Works Director:  Wade Phillips
Assistant:  Ellen Hall

Physical Location:  303 N Third Street
 Mailing Address:  P O Box 1715, Harrison, AR  72602

Phone:  870-741-3434
Fax:  870-741-0318

Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Fluoride Policy

As of July 15, 2015, Carroll-Boone Water Systems has added fluoride to their water supply.  The City of Harrison purchases our water from Carroll-Boone.  See link for the Arkansas Department of Health's policy on fluoride in water systems.

Fluoridation Fact Sheet

Fluoride Update


2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report


 (2/8/16) Public Service Announcement: 
Lead In Drinking Water?

(Click on link above or on website: for more information.)

But to highlight the main points:

Typically the primary source of lead in drinking water is corrosion of household plumbing, not your water source.  See Clean Water Act at

There is NOT a "Boil Order" for anyone on the Harrison Water source.  Boiling will not remove lead.

If you would like to test your household, a test can be obtained and sent to American Interplex at 501-224-5060.

For effects of lead, call AR Dept of Health at 800-235-0002 or see:

For more information, call the Water Construction Dept of Public Works at 741-6382.

Testing at both the customer tap and directly from the water system helps us determine the source of the elevated levels that we have seen.  Because no samples taken directly from the water system even approach the 15 ppb action level, a current belief is that the source of elevated lead levels found at some taps is pluming materials.

   One of the most important factors to consider with regard to lead in drinking water is the age of plumbing.  Homes and buildings built before 1986 that have not had plumbing updated are most at risk for elevated lead levels.  This is because lead solder was commonly used in plumbing prior to changes to the Clean Water Act in 1986.  The 1986 revisions also limited the amounted of lead in other plumbing materials as well (i.e. metal pipe, fixtures, etc.) but eliminating lead solder was by far the effective part of the revisions.

   Also, the links below are helpful resources regarding lead in drinking water and lead in general.  They provide information on how lead can enter drinking water and what consumers can do if they are concerned.

   Copies of the City’s 2013 and 2014 CCR’s (Consumer Confidence Reports) can be found at the following link:

   We will be implementing a corrosion control treatment process later this year that will prevent lead from leaching into the water from plumbing materials (or really any other source that could be out there).  It is a fairly simple treatment that is used by water systems across the country and over 40 systems in Arkansas.

   As a side note (since these reports also include copper figures), all testing for copper shows water in the City’s pipes and at the customer taps to be in compliance with the Clean Water Act as well as the Lead & Copper Rule.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions or need additional information.



The City of Harrison has adopted the following codes:

             For more information see:

  • 2010 ADA
  • 2009 NFPA 101
  • 2006 Arkansas Plumbing Code
  • 2006 Arkansas Fuel Gas Code
  • 2014 Municipal Code
  • Safety: Ralph Jones (Spvr)  
    Phone:  870-741-5532
       Responsible for:  Traffic Lights, Clean Premises, Department Safety Procedures, Street Lights, CDL Compliance

Clean Premise Ordinance

  • Street Dept: Paul Choate (Spvr)   870-741-6138
       Paul and his crew have the responsibility of maintaining the streets of Harrison.  This includes street repairs, paving, signs, pavement striping, snow removal, keeping alleys clear, upkeep and installing new drainage systems, limb and tree removal, and right-of-way mowing. 

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant: Kathryn Catlin (System Mgr)  
    Phone:  870-741-5527

  • Assistant Plant Manager:  Michael Crow   Phone:  870-743-6734

  • Waste Water Plant Laboratory Analyst:  Randy Reese
    Phone:  870-741-5527

  • Industrial Pretreatment Dept Coordinator:  Tim Holt
    Phone:  870-741-4426

  • Waste Water Construction Dept Supervisor:  Nathan Mounce
    Phone:  870-741-2528
    Located at 1508 Silver Valley Road
    Fax:  870-741-5022

    The protection of both human and ecosystem health in the Northwest Arkansas region is vitally important. We strive to maintain our great quality of life by providing wastewater treatment services, which involves the removal of contaminants from industrial wastewater and residential sewage, for the citizens of Harrison and surrounding communities.

    Our staff works hard to eliminate overflows and preventable odors at each plant and all lift stations. We would appreciate any resident who has concerns to please call 870-741-5527.

Will it Flush?  Watch this video: 



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