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Maplewood needs your help

Posted Date: 08/17/2023

Maplewood needs your help


The beauty of Maplewood Cemetery in the fall is not a well-kept secret. Guests from all over the United States visit Maplewood to see the beautiful leaves. Now that all the lanes are paved in the cemetery, it makes a great place to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Many walkers like to bring their animals to enjoy the time outdoors, too.


But the natural effects of walking an animal outdoors can make it uncomfortable for others if the owner does not pick up after their pet.


The cemetery’s groundskeepers are very concerned about mowing over the “poop” and it being flung on the area gravestones. No one wants that to happen. And no one wants to step in a mess while gathering around a burial plot for a friend or family member's service.


City officials have discussed the need to prohibit dog walking in the cemetery but would prefer not to go that route.  The plan, for now, is to add signs to remind pet owners to pick up after their pet has done “their business” and possibly add some dog waste stations to make it more convenient for dog owners to dispose of the waste. 


The city is appealing to the public who love to walk in Maplewood with a pet; please do your part and pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste in a nearby trash can.  Mayor Jerry Jackson said, “Maplewood Cemetery is one of Harrison’s prized possessions, and we must preserve the ability of our citizens and guests to enjoy its beauty and the comfort it brings families to lay their loved ones to rest there.”


City officials also want to help the public better understand hazards that may be present in any cemetery, including Maplewood.  Visitors are encouraged to wear skid-free shoes and stay off cell phones while walking.  Cemetery grounds have uneven terrain and tripping hazards.  Burial sections can become muddy after rainfall, and stone surfaces may become slippery when wet.  There are numerous funeral processions, as well as heavy machinery and construction equipment operating in the cemetery.  Please be mindful as you cross roads and walk in sections where active burials are taking place. 


Finally, City officials want to remind people of cemetery etiquette:


Respect Graves and Monuments:  Out of respect for both the deceased and their loved ones, avoid touching monuments or stepping on graves.  While walking through cemeteries, it can be difficult to tell where it’s okay to step.  When walking for exercise or leisure, please stay on paved paths.  When walking to headstones and markers, try to follow the path made by the headstones and don’t step over or on headstones, markers, or other monuments.


Clean Up After Yourself:  Please don’t litter. Please pick up any trash you see.


Drive with Care:  When driving through a cemetery, please drive slower and more cautiously than normal and follow the posted speed limit. Stay on paved roads or gravel drives and off grass (even when parking).


Keep an Eye on Children and Pets:  Please speak to children about how to behave before bringing them to a cemetery.  They’ll need to be relatively quiet and respectful of others and should never be allowed to run around the cemetery (especially around headstones and other markers). In addition to picking up after your pets, they should be leashed at all times.


Maplewood Cemetery is 10 acres of beautiful trees, squirrels, rabbits, and peacefulness. Please pick up after your pet so more people and their pets can enjoy paying their respects and exercising in a beautiful place.


Thank you to the 20th Century Club for the hundreds of trees planted at Maplewood since the club formed in 1901.