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Harrison ABC Board


Harrison ABC Board
Location:  Council Room, City Hall

Dates: TBA
Time: TBA


The Alcohol Ordinances are listed on the Ordinance Copies page.  For the various Alcohol License forms and Supplemental Tax Forms...see Permits/License/Forms.  For the Alcohol Ordinances, see Ordinances page.


Additional taxes on alcohol sales per DFA:
Alcoholic beverages. A supplemental mixed drink tax of (10) ten percent (%) is imposed on the sale of alcoholic beverages (excluding beer) at restaurants. Also, an additional (4) four percent (%) tax is due on the sale of all mixed drinks (except beer and wine) sold for “on-premises” consumption. There is a (3) three percent (%) “off premises” tax on retail sales of liquor and wine. There is an additional (1) one percent (%) tax due on the retail sale of beer for off premise consumption.