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GIS & Engineering

The GIS and Engineering Department is responsible for the continued development and maintenance of the City’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS).  GIS refers to a computer-based mapping system for storing, analyzing, and displaying maps and map information.  A regular map only shows spatial data such as roads, bridges, streams, etc.  GIS mapping goes further by linking information about the mapped objects to the maps and allowing them to be overlapped.  For example, a person can click on a water line in a GIS map and information about size, material, etc. is provided.  At the time being, the City’s GIS system is only available for viewing at the GIS & Engineering Office; we hope to make portions of the mapping available online in the future.


The GIS and Engineering Department also provides other services within Public Works and to other City Departments.  Examples include hydrant information mapping and tracking for the Water & Fire Departments; construction plan development for the Water, Sewer, & Street Departments; mapping development for Planning and Code Enforcement; etc.


Contact Information

Carl Rine

GIS Coordinator

(870) 741-5003


Harrison GIS Mapping

  • Ward Map
  • Zoning Map
  • Floodplain Mapping
  • Street Map


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