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Community Risk Reduction


The Community Risk Reduction Division is directed by the Division Chief of Community Risk Reduction who is responsible for a wide range of activities that are aimed toward making the community a safer place to live and conduct business. 

These activities include commercial plan reviews, fire and life safety inspections, fire investigations, and direct the fire safety education program. Community Risk Reduction is charded with conducting fire and life safety inspections to help reduce the loss of lives and property through enforcement of the laws and regulations governing fire safety. 

The Community Risk Reduction Division reviews all commercial plans prior to the issuance of permits and all applicable sub-permits for the construction of: 

  • New commercial buildings
  • Commercial additions and renovations
  • Demolition
  • Special use permitting
  • Firework permitting
  • Amusement permitting
  • Daycare permitting 


The Risk Reduction Division conducts Certificate of Occupancy inspections for new businesses. The Division should be contacted prior to opening to schedule a date and time for the inspection. Any new business, change of location or change of ownership wold require an occupancy inspection. 

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Fire investigations are conducted by on duty members of the Operations Division, and overseen by the Division Chief of Community Risk Reduction. Investigations are conducted into both criminal and non-criminal fire causes and conditions. Fire Investigators work in conjunction with the Harrison Police Department Criminal Investigation Division. 


Fire Safety Education is a part of the overall duties assigned to the Harrison Fire Department. The Community Risk Reduction Division oversees the Fire Safety Education Committee on all public education and training programs that are used in the community. Firefighters conduct station tours of their assigned statsions, as well as providing fire company tours and presenting educational programs to students. 

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