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Business License


In accordance with City of Harrison Ordinance number 1452, every person or entity having a business, or conducting business located in the Harrison city limits, shall have a valid business license.

Applications for business licenses can be picked up at Fire Station #1 located at 120 S. Spring Street, or downloaded below. New businesses may be subject to a Fire & Life Safety inspection before any permit will be granted.


Once the application has been reviewed and approved, the business license will be mailed/e-mailed to the business or can be picked up at Harrison Fire Station #1.

When the permit is granted, the permit shall be displayed in a conspicuous location at the business.

License fees:

  1. One (1) to forty-nine (49) full time employees; annual fee of $50.00
  2. Fifty (50) to ninety-nine (99) full time employees; annual fee of $100.00
  3. One hundred (100) to one hundred forty-nine (149) full time employees; annual fee of $200.00
  4. One hundred fifty (150) and more employees; annual fee of $250.00

Fee Exempt Businesses:

  • Churches and non-profit organizations (application still required)
  • Hospitals, public schools, or colleges  (application still required)
  • Residential and commercial landlords
  • Farmer Markets, and children based (under 18 years old) activities such as lemon aid stands, etc.
  • Home-based type businesses, as well as businesses not having a physical location within the Harrison City Limits
  • Other non-“brick and mortar” type businesses that do not fall under the Insurance Services Office requirements as permitted by the Fire Chief

The application required for a business permit shall be filed, and the fee paid (if any) at the Harrison Fire Department on or before January 2nd of each year, and the period covered by any permit shall be valid for that calendar year.

Methods of payment:

  • Credit Card (Pay by credit card at Harrison Fire Station #1 or by mailing in the online application found Here)
  • Check (Checks should be made out to the Harrison Fire Department)

For more information, contact the Harrison Fire Department at (870) – 741 – 6384