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Harrison City Clerk/Treasurer position open

Posted Date: 09/07/2023

Harrison City Clerk/Treasurer position open

The City of Harrison is seeking to fulfill the City Clerk/Treasurer position. This is a part-time (approximately 20 hours per week) elected position that is combined to fulfill both duties required by the State of Arkansas for a first-class municipality. The position carries a wide range of responsibilities requiring organization and administrative skills.

The Clerk is the legal custodian of the city’s official records and city seal. These records include but are not limited to: ordinances, resolutions, council agendas, meeting minutes, contracts, agreements, deeds, etc. The Clerk is responsible for receipt, handling and responses for any FOIA requests to the City.

The Clerk's office provides staff support for the City Council, and is responsible for the agenda process, gathering and providing all corresponding paperwork to the council. The Clerk records and publicizes the proceedings of the meetings and also keeps those records in the City archive. All City ordinances and resolutions are signed by the mayor and attested and sealed by the clerk. It is the duty of the Clerk to codify and publicize all ordinances adopted by the City Council and to make sure necessary documents are filed with Boone County.

It is also the duty of the City Clerk/Treasurer to receive, file, and retain the Financial Disclosure Statements from appointed municipal commissioners and municipal elected officials.  

The term of office is for four years. However, since this vacancy is mid-term, the position will be appointed by the City Council, and will serve until the election of 2024. The annual salary for this position is $32,225.50.

To apply for this position, please send a resume to .  Deadline for accepting resumes is October 10, 2023.