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City, CVB partners for Music Venue

Posted Date: 03/01/2024

City, CVB partners for Music Venue

The City Council unanimously approved up to $150,000 from the general reserve fund to begin plans for a Creekside Music Venue.

CFO Luke Feighert said this was a project the city had wanted to do for some time, but the original cost was prohibitive. Another organization was considering such a venue. We wanted to wait and support their project. “The original cost estimate was between $400,000 and $500,00, which didn’t make sense.”

The project was revived when the Convention Visitors Bureau Board of Directors recommended they partner with the city and provide half the cost. The city wanted to do something with the former football field at Creekside and decided the flat area would be perfect for lawn-chair seating, and the fieldhouse could be remodeled for a nice “green room” area, which bands require. The entire project is expected to cost around $300,000.

“This will be a great companion piece to the Creekside Complex,” Bell said. 

The group has already contacted groups who want to perform in Harrison. “We won’t get the ‘big’ names, but we could get some up-and-coming names or opening acts for big names,” Feighert said.

Feighert told the Council the city has money in reserves. “We look for quality-of-life items we can spend the money on to enhance our community, and a music venue would also bring additional revenue to the area. Governmental Finance Officers want the city to have two to four months of reserves. We currently have 6.5 months in reserves. A project like this, which doesn’t take very long to complete, could benefit those currently paying taxes.”

Councilman Wayne Cone was concerned about excessive noise complaints.

Bell explained that technology had changed outdoor sound systems tremendously. “Instead of massive speakers sending sound everywhere, now they are much smaller and can be aimed precisely where the sound needs to go. Plus, some external sound mediation and acoustic landscaping can also help.”

Jackson told the group they had spoken to some of the neighbors, and they were excited to have great concert seats.

“We couldn’t put this music venue in a better place,” Jackson said. “Each concert will conclude by 10 p.m. Plus, it’s exciting to have the full blessing of the college – which wants to partner with the city and bring in some artists, too. The Rotary Club wants to continue providing music for the area on Friday nights. This will be a great venue for the whole community.”