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Day Care Facilities

Day Care 

Taking care of and educating a child can be a very rewarding career.  We understand wanting to open a business to care for children can be confusing and difficult. Understand there are regulations to keep our children, the next generation safe from potential harm. Many regulations, as they should be can be very strict in regards to the safety of children. We receive numerous requests about information on what is required for a day care. To better help assist in answering your questions here are some links on what the State of Arkansas requires for a location to be eligible to be a day care, what is required for licensing and other regulations.


Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Vol. 1 2021, Appendix O Day Care Facilities Compilation

Division of Elementary & Secondary Education Child Care Licensing

Arkansas Department of Human Services, Child Care Centers

Arkansas Minimum Licensing Requirements for Child Care Centers

Arkansas Emergency Preparedness for Child Care Facilities Act 

It is recommended that you contact your local Department of Human Services or Arkansas Department of Health office for any other requirements which may not be in the links above. If you still have any unanswered questions regarding Fire Code regulations, please feel free to contact the Harrison Fire Department, Community Risk Division at 870-741-6384

Please note: Under Arkansas Fire Prevention Code the Jurisdiction Having Authority (JHA) or the Harrison Fire Department can be more strict on regulations, but not any less than what the code requires. The City of Harrison or the Harrison Fire Department are not responsible for any misinformation in any of the links provided. The presentation of these links are to assist you in answering some of your questions. Please confirm with your local JHA if you still have questions.